GoPack brand creates comfortable modern school backpacks and urban models for daily use. Stylish and affordable basic models for children and adults.

Our backpacks are the perfect choice for practical and economical mothers, teenagers with a rapid change of preferences and lovers of variety in accessories. GoPack – manufacturer of fashionable budget backpacks of European quality.

GoPack special features:

  • Up-to-date designs. Every year we present a new collection of backpacks that corresponds to the latest world trends in urban and school fashion. Popular colors and shapes; fashionable finishing and stylish decor. GoPack is an organic combination of noble simplicity and impeccable style.
  • Laconic functionality. The balance of convenience and functionality is both comfortable and laconic. GoPack backpacks are distinguished by the calibrated and well-thought-out organization of space. Spacious compartments and convenient pockets for gadgets and small items.
  • Comfortable design. Convenient anatomical backs and soft straps; light weight and ergonomic handles. Each backpack brings the feeling of comfort and freedom.
  • Decent quality at an affordable price. Only quality materials and accessories are used to create backpacks. Wear-resistant textiles, sturdy lining and smoothly running zippers.
GoPack collection has backpacks for everyone:

  • for primary school;
  • for middle school;
  • for high school and students.
What is the brand’s inspiration?

What is the brand’s inspiration?

GoPack is inspired by caring. To create a high-quality product at an inexpensive price means to take care that a beautiful and comfortable school backpack is available to every child.
Ergonomic shape is an effective manifestation of care for the health, stylish design – for emotions and mood, economical price – for the family budget.

GoPack is harmony. Holistic unity of beauty, quality and affordability for everyone. With GoPack you can select quality trendy accessories for any style of clothing and your various moods.

GoPack is freedom of self-expression. Teenage preferences are dynamic and constantly on the move. GoPack helps to create a versatile and flexible backpack wardrobe, where each look will be collected in a harmonious capsule and broadcast your unique style to the world.

GoPack brand presents textile collection in groups:

GoPack official website will introduce you to the complete collection of backpacks with photos and detailed specifications.
GoPack backpacks for primary school

GoPack backpacks for primary school

Backpacks for school GoPack Education.

Comfortable, fashionable and affordable! Each model has five important qualities:

  • Comfortable back. The most important quality, responsible for the comfort and healthy posture of the child. Backpack with orthopedic backrest prevents quick fatigue of the muscles under daily loads and helps the child to maintain back health. GoPack school models have comfortable ergonomic backrests only: an orthopedic Ergo Kids with supporting pads and a breathable anatomical back.
  • Anatomical S-shaped straps comfortably lie on the shoulders. They are soft, wide and breathable: do not press or chafe.
  • The chest strap helps to correctly balance the weight and fix the backpack in a comfortable position.
  • Stylish design with cool finishes and trendy decor improves the mood and increases motivation to study.
  • Safety. Light-reflecting elements on 4 sides make the child visible on the road when it is dark.
Primary school backpacks can be framed, semi-framed and soft.

  • GoPack framed and semi-framed backpacks are primary school models that help small fidgety children keep their stationery in order. Such a backpack for the first grader will make sure that the notebooks are tidy, without creases and wrinkles.
  • Soft backpacks are as comfortable and functional as the framed ones. Their advantage is their light weight. Soft models are the best option for secondary and high school, as well as for the first-graders who have learned to use school supplies carefully.

GoPack backpacks for high school

GoPack backpacks for high school

GoPack City high school backpacks are a whole series of benefits:

  • Decent quality at an affordable price. Durable wear-resistant fabrics and reliable fittings.
  • Up-to-date designs. Trendy colors and fashionable finishes, spectacular decor and keeping up with the world trends of everyday fashion.
  • Wide selection and colorful diversity. An abundance of shapes and colors for everyone to find just the right model. Reserved and catchy, roomy and miniature: GoPack backpacks are presented in a dizzying assortment.
  • Well-thought-out interior space. Convenient pockets and compartments, organizers for small items and USB outputs to charge your phone on the go. GoPack City will not only hold all the necessary items, but also keep them in perfect order.
  • Comfort. Anatomical backrest and comfortable straps, light weight and a variety of sizes.

GoPack City high school backpacks collection – a diverse collection of trendy accessories for everyday life. Comfortable functional backpacks for any occasion and for every taste.

GoPack backpack for the city and high school – harmonious unity of trendy design, high quality and affordable price. An accessory that gives freedom to the hands and allows you to always have everything you need at hand. The backpack not only brings comfort and functionality to our life, but also decorates it, complementing the image in tune.