How to correctly choose a backpack for school

11 October 2021

When parents choose a school backpack for their child, they often ask: how do I choose the right one? Intuitively or based on personal experience, driven by knowledge or feeling, we are looking for a backpack that meets the highest standards. Because when it comes to the health and comfort of the child, there can be no compromises.

What to pay attention to, so that from the huge variety that the market offers, you choose a quality, convenient and safe model? Save this check list, it will help you to easily choose the best model.

The must haves in the backpack that makes it just right:

Anatomical backrest with supporting pads. It’s no coincidence that this is number one in the school backpack selection program. The back is key to the comfort and health of the child. Soft breathable pads fit tightly to the back, adjusting to natural curves of the spine. This helps to reduce pressure, gently and evenly distribute the load. The pads are made of a soft breathable material, which provides a special level of comfort. The anatomical backrest is in every GoPack school backpack.

Wide S-shaped shoulder straps. The width of the shoulder straps should be at least 5 cm. This allows for maximum pressure relief. Thanks to the S-shape, the straps are comfortably placed on the shoulders. They do not put pressure, chafe or slide.

Chest strap. Although this detail may seem insignificant at the first glance, the chest strap has an important mission. It not only fixes the backpack in a comfortable position, but also partakes in the correct weight distribution. When walking, the backpack does not dangle from side to side, allows to move freely, which is especially important for little fidgety kids.

Size and weight. In order for the child to be comfortable, the backpack should be of the right size. How do you visually determine if a backpack fits a student? The upper edge of the accessory should be at the level of the shoulders, and the lower – about 4 cm below the waist. Size chart will help you to choose the right GoPack backpack on-line. The letters S, M and L in the product code will tell you what height the model is designed for.

HeightBackpack size
115-130 cmS
130-145 cmM
145-175 cmL

Interior space arrangement. School supplies are not just books and notebooks, but a whole stationery choir. And to successfully “conduct” this choir of small and large objects, you need to be very organized and neat. But how real is that for a school student? As experience shows, it is not easy for both first-graders and future graduates to maintain order in the backpack. Well-thought-out organization of space in GoPack backpacks will help children to be organized even in the rush of everyday life. All kinds of separators, pockets and organizers for little things – so that everything is neat and tidy.

Light-reflecting details. Light-reflecting details on the backpack are not just an element of decor. They make the child visible on the road at night and directly affect safety. GoPack school backpacks have light-reflecting details on all 4 sides.

Design. It is important to parents that the backpack for the child is orthopedic. And for children it is important that it is also beautiful. When a schoolchild is delighted with the backpack, routine school days become brighter, and the motivation to go to school with joy immediately multiplies. GoPack school backpacks are striking and varied. The new collection presents models with a new decor and the fanciest finishes. All kinds of prints, patches and pendants to make the mood of the young schoolchild the most joyful.