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11 October 2021

Quick overview of GoPack 2021 city backpacks

GoPack City 2021 collection is an extravaganza of comfortable trendy backpacks for adults and teenagers. For any occasion and every wallet!

Our backpacks combine up-to-date designs and high quality at an affordable price. That means they are ideal for those who like to frequently refresh the backpack wardrobe and choose the right model for each look.

In the 2021 collection you will find pleasant surprises: new colors and designs, fresh materials and finishes. Multiple pockets and compartments. Organizers for small items, pockets for water bottles, key holders and so much more! Improved functionality and even more comfort!

Let’s get to know the season's latest novelties better!

Meet! Trendy and comfortable: GoPack City 2021 backpacks!

Restrained business models 166M, 167M, 168L.

For office and business trips. Look great with formal pantsuit and semi-relaxed smart casual. These pretentious “intellectuals” combine classical design and ultra-modern functionality.

Minimalistic new arrivals for every taste: 163L, 164M, 171L.

These models will suit any look and occasion. Super-convenient functionality, interesting interior content, excellent interior capacity and stylish design.

For teenagers and those who love bright designs: backpacks 173L, 161M, 162L.

When you want rich shades and colorful details. These models will become the cherry on top and spice up your image. Lightweight, roomy and functional. Suitable for school and for the city. Affordable and very cool!

Backpacks made of light-reflecting fabric are the hottest trend! Models 169L, 170L.

Their popularity is spinning like crazy around the world. Futuristic models, which will make you shine like a comet! They are insanely fashionable. And what is important – the light-reflecting backpack will make you visible to vehicle drivers in the dark and in the weather with poor visibility. Ideal for hiking and cycling.

Looking for a roomy model?

These will hold everything, except maybe a piano. Models 110XL, 118L – roomy and comfortable. Functional youth backpacks for those who like to carry everything with them or go shopping with a backpack.

These two models get the audience choice award.

Your favorite models in the refreshed design. Models 119L and 119S are like brothers. They are very much alike, but differ in size and spaciousness. Comfortable and minimalistic. They’ll go with everything!

Stylish and versatile: 143L, 144L, 153L.

Great for any occasion. A harmonious combination of noble, restrained colors and classic shapes. For those who cannot decide which model to choose, you can safely take any backpack from this trio: they are all very comfortable, roomy and stylish.

Laconic and lightweight 148S & 156M.

Neat and practically weightless accessories. Compact and cute. Owing to their elegance, will go even with a romantic look.